About me

Burkay Şahin Doğan
Буркай Шахин Доган
Burkay Sahin Dogan

Freelancer, designer, illustrator, businessman, writer, sportsman and so on.


“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”

On a Friday, I was born in Izmir. I’ve visited many countries and cities.

Since 2012, I’ve been in this market. Hundreds of major projects required my participation. I’ve created about three thousand unique designs as of this writing. Every day, I keep adding new ones!

I presently work with over twenty active clients from all around the world. I enjoy working with them all, and I am confident that they feel the same way.

My support team consists of at least seven persons. They’re all experts in their respective fields. In three languages (Turkish, Russian, English), I can effectively communicate with you.

I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, making music, drawing, and cooking.
I enjoy all types of art.
I enjoy sports and working out! I’m married and enjoy living a natural lifestyle.

I’m pushing forward with a business rationale that isn’t based on money. It is critical to give both parties with long-term or consistent benefits.

My system’s guiding principles
1- Proper information flow.
2- A clever idea and a good action.
3- Be unique and memorable.
4- The greatest possible mutual benefit.
5- Working with enthusiasm and pleasure.
6- On-time delivery and payment are essential.
7- Customer and staff satisfaction, as well as trustworthy and long-term support.

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10 years in business