About me

Burkay Şahin Doğan
Буркай Шахин Доган
Burkay Sahin Dogan

Freelancer, designer, illustrator, businessman, writer, sportsman and so on.


“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”


I was born in Izmir on a Friday. I have been in dozens of countries and cities.

I have been in this market since 2012. I took part in hundreds of important projects. Until 2020, I made more than two thousand five hundred unique designs. I keep adding new ones every day!

I currently have over fifty clients around the world actively.
I enjoy working with all of them and I am sure that this feeling is mutual.

My support team members are 7+ people. Each of them is an expert in their field. I can communicate well with you in three languages. Turkish, Russian, English.

If I need to talk about myself…
I like to read, write, travel, make music, draw, cook.
I like all areas of art.
I love workouts! I am married and I love a natural life.

I’m moving forward with a business logic where money is not at the forefront. It is very important to provide permanent or regular benefits for both parties.

Principles of my system
1- Correct flow of information.
2- Right idea and right action.
3- Be original and impressive.
4- Maximum mutual benefit.
5- Working with passion and enjoying work.
6- On-time delivery and on-time payment.
7- Customer and employee satisfaction and reliable support.

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8 years in business